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Finger food & Canapés

Cocktail glasses
Served in an elegant transparent glass, enjoy, for example, a Kassler with bean puree, tomato and mozzarella, goat cheese with bell pepper or salmon tartar.
Cocktail spoons
Served on an elegant transparent spoon, enjoy, for example, foie gras with candied fig, grilled shrimps, roasted vegetables or ham and melon.
Cold canapés
Choose our one portion exclusive assortment (shrimp tartlet, asparagus and salmon roll, smoked salmon on pancake, Parma ham, mozzarella with sun dried tomato and vegetable surprise) or order them by piece from our price list.
Choose from 3 different sizes, large, medium, and small with a choice of roast beef with mustard, turkey with crunchy vegetables, smoked salmon with tzatziki or fresh vegetables with cream cheese.

Our inflight Catering is available 24/7 to accomodate your diverse needs, even on short notice
Deliveries in climate controlled vehicules
Tailor-made offers meeting your expectations
HACCP Certificate
Service Qualitéit LETZEBUERG Niveau 1